We buy sunflowers and their seeds in large quantities

Over the past year, Tanzania has broken records of its achievements over the previous years and supplied large volumes of sunflower oil. By the end of 2016, the country exported about 600 000 tons of sunflower oil. All over the world, Tanzania is the largest exporter of sunflower oil. Since the great demand for sunflower oil, for production is necessary, a huge amounts of sunflower seeds. This requires the purchase of sunflower in large volumes. Our company “Forte Export Co Limited” engaged not only the production of sunflower refined and unrefined oil, but also we have a purchase of sunflower seeds from a sunflower producer. Purchase of seeds and buying sunflower by wholesale is essential for our production of sunflower oil. We provide mutually beneficial terms of work on continuing basis. We conclude long-term contracts with farms, elevators. We buy only high-quality products. All seeds undergoes an examination for compliance with humidity, weed and oil impurities, chemicals exposure and pest infestation. After the implementation of all above-mentioned standards, we assume the product to processing and production of oil. Only after confirmation, we allows the product to processing and manufacturing sunflower oil. We buy sunflower seeds throughout Tanzania.

Requirements for sunflower seed qualities

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